Rockmarble is a MeeGo app that allows you to find good live music

You can either follow your favourite artists or discover new ones.


Follow your favourite artists
Find out the best dates and locations
Locate where the concert takes place
Discover new artists playing near you
Don't forget the important events
Portrait and landscape support

How it works

Rockmarble retrieves the list of your favourites artists from and downloads their tour dates.

All the data is stored inside a sqlite database, hence you will be able to access it also while you are not connected to internet.

Event locations can be seen using a satellite image. This feature is provided using QtMobility.

Rockmarble is also able to spot your current location and find all the events that are scheduled in a certain radius from you. You position is retrieved using QtMobility. Currently QtMobility relies only on your device GPS, but in the future new location providers will be added.

How to install

Rockmarble is already packaged for MeeGo 1.1.

In order to install it just:

  1. Add the following repository:
  2. Install the rockmarble package.

From the command-line you just need to type:

sudo zypper ar -f rockmarble
sudo zypper in rockmarble

Source code

Rockmarble source code can be found on this git repository.